John McCain considered changing last name in 2000

ARLINGTON, VA – At a press conference today, presidential hopeful Senator John McCain (R-AZ) admitted that he considered changing his last name to “McClane” during his 2000 election campaign.  The considered change was motivated by a popular fictional character by the name of John McClane, played by the actor Bruce Willis, who saved the day against terrorists in the successful “Die Hard” movie series. 

Senator McCain stated, “Well, I knew John McClane invoked some great images from American theatrical history and thought it might benefit me in my efforts to win the nomination.” 

However, McCain reconsidered and ulitimately did not change his name due to concerns about the movie character’s alcoholism. 

“If I had known the 9/11 attacks were coming, I’d have done it (change name).  How awesome it would have been to have a President John McClane leading the way in America against the jihadists,” McCain said.

McCain has said that he may reconsider changing his name, especially since he is now the oldest first-term presidential candidate in American history. 

“I love the tie-in to ‘Die Hard’; what better way to convey my toughness and vigor to the people of this land?”, McCain concluded.


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